With the start of September, it’s back to school for most of us living in the northern hemisphere!

Many students (including myself), get really excited when it’s the season for back-to-school shopping! But buying new school supplies can get very expensive (especially in Canada!!). So I decided to reuse and DIY some of my most expensive basic school supplies: BINDERS~Enjoy~

What you’ll need:

– Binders (I reused my old ones from last year because they were still in excellent condition & I ended up saving ~$25 +    tax!!)

– Old magazines

– Scarp-booking paper

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Pen/pencil


1) Pick out some magazine pages that you like and rip them out (I chose a couple pages of Fashion Magazine’s September 2014 issue, starring Lana Del Rey).

2) Chose some scrap-booking paper that goes well with the magazine pages that you picked out and your binder.

3) With your ruler, measure the width and length of your binder and mark it on the scrap-booking paper, then cut it.

4) Write your subjects on the paper and slide it into the binder sleeve and then your magazine page (I didn’t cut the ripped edge of my pages because I liked the asymmetrical & textured look it gave).

There you go! Super easy, quick, eco-friendly and cheap!!  I especially love this DIY because it personalizes your old/boring binders and looks amazing! Also, having the one and only Lana Del Rey, one of my favorite artists, on my binders makes my day! So far at school I’ve gotten so many complements on them! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed them, I know that I do! If you have any questions, feel free to comment them in the comment box below!!

By: Purple Pansy


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