DIY : Wall Décor – Part III

Here is my final post for my DIY : Wall Décor series. Of course, there will be many more dig’s to follow, however I intended to make this a 3-part series as I had done all of them around the same time. 

So without further ado, here is one of my favorite wall décor’s…

If you’re like me and love to travel, this diy will not only be very intriguing for you but will have a great purpose. With a few simple office supplies, you’ll be able to create a visual display of all the countries and cities that you’ve travelled to! This diy is perfect for any traveller, whether it’s yourself or a fellow savvy traveler! It requires few materials, it’s simple and makes any room look sophisticated and adds a cultural vibe to the atmosphere. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • World map
  • Bulletin board (the same size as your world map)
  • Push pins 
  • A wall (surprise, surprise)
  • Optional: any type of liquid glue


  1. Take your world map and line it up on the bulletin board, making sure the corners line up.
  2. Pin your map to the board (I did this to make it super easy and quick but you can chose to glue it on).
  3. Take your push pins and pin them on the places you’ve been! (To give my board more life, I color-coded my pins: black for the places I’ve been, and colored pins for places I want to go).
  4. Hang up your new visual display and enjoy!

Voilà! Inspired by many different photos from tumblr and pinterest, I’ve recreated a popular display! Not only is it super simple and quick but it makes a great wall display! Here are photos of my board, I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the comment box below!

By: Purple Pansy 


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