DIY : Wall Décor – Part II

Here’s part II of my DIY:Wall Décor series. I hope you enjoy! 

Have you ever wondered what to do with movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, boarding passes, museum tickets or basically anything that brings nostalgic memories from your travels? Well I sure have, which is why they’ve slowly accumulated in my room. So, with my new DIY:Wall Décor series, I decided to put them all to use! It’s super easy, simple, cheap and extremely quick to do! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Framed bulletin board (I got mine for $10 at Homesense, but if you can’t find one in your area you could always buy a frame and cork tiles from the dollar store and glue the cork tile to the back (cardboard area) of the frame. Or you could just use a regular bulletin board but personally I think the framed one looks better in rooms.)
  • Your sentimental items (I’m mainly using movie ticket stubs, but just to show you guys how other things looked, you’ll find other tickets as well 🙂 )
  • Push pins 
  • Here’s a shocker: A WALL


  1. Once you have your framed bulletin board and sentimental items, go ahead and design your layout. (I chose to organize my movie ticket stubs by date.) 
  2. Pin your items to the board.
  3. Hang it up on your desired wall location, sit back and reminiscence away!

There you go! A super simple, easy and quick DIY! Here are photos of my board, I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the comment box below!

By: Purple Pansy


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