Hey guys!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted consistent posts, which is why I have some very exciting news to announce!

With my school ending this friday – YAY – I will finally have an abundance of time on my hands to write consistent posts at least once a day during the summer! 😀 Isn’t that great? So I’ve put together a list on posts to expect:

  • Photography (I’ve always been interested in photography and with my year old Canon Rebel T3i, I’ll be posting a lot of my snaps on here!)
  • Book/Movie Reviews (With summer comes reading book after book and going to a bunch of movies! Especially with a bunch of hit movies being released this summer *cough, cough* TFIOS *cough* So don’t be surprised when a lot of reviews get uploaded.)
  • Spoken Word Poetry (This summer I’m very interesting in further exploring the wonderful world of spoken word poetry and slams – I already have ideas brewing up!)
  • Blog about my Kenya experience (Yes! I went to KENYA  this March Break with my school! Isn’t it crazy?! My first time in Africa for 2 weeks! It was an experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait to share it with you!)
  • Art Portfolio (I took art as an elective this year – along with art history – so I’ve expanded my skills and knowledge and have quite a few interesting works of art that I wanted to share with you! 🙂 )
  • Music Discoveries (I’m almost always listening to music, which leads to the discovery of amazing artists and groups! Stay tuned (guilty! hehe, sorry I had to put that pun in… )
  • DIY’s (Who doesn’t love a good DIY? *cricket, cricket*)

So that’s all the ideas off of my head, I’m sure there are more to come!  For those of you in exam week, best of luck, we’re in the same boat right now! If you’re still chilling before exams – don’t procrastinate, get studying – you’ll thank me later!

Bye for now!



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