Here is a spoken word poem that I wrote about justice. I hope you enjoy it, Purple Pansy. 



Where have you gone?


Where are you when this man beats his wife,

From dusk till dawn?

Were you there when she drank, till she could drink no more?

What about when many countries declared war?


Are you there when streets are flooded with children?

Where were you when we needed you to listen?

How about when an innocent was locked up?

This justice system, it’s just corrupt.


What we call justice is fake,

The people have taken the government’s bate.

We believe that you’re here, to do us good,

Instead, the police stuff their face with food.

We’ve milked justice till it can provide no longer…

And many of us are left to ponder:

Where, where is justice hiding?

Has it given up? Lost its silver lining?

We all wonder where justice went.

Why it flapped its wings and left.


But to me, justice is no longer existent,

It’s failed to show up when we most need it.

I cannot count the times where justice disappeared.

Leaving me to face everything that I feared.


You’ve been wanted for too long,

People have been waiting for you to come along.

Instead they wait and think to themselves,

Maybe they’re just another book put on the dusty shelves…


What is justice?

Justice is just a word

That is often misheard.

Because the truth is,

 Justice just is.


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