Golden, bright leaves dancing on the trees,

Swirling and twirling, as if on a trapeze.

One by one, they fall to the ground,

Awaiting the children to horse around.


As days go by, the piles of leaves grow very high,

As more plummet down, there’s enough to touch the sky!

These chameleon leaves have completed their long transition,

The plethora of colors was an art exhibition!


The night of Halloween is quickly approaching,

To get much candy is what children are hoping.

As many of the parents rake leaf by leaf,

Children dream of candy that they shall receive.


Going trick or treating and dressing up as they desire,

Incapably waiting for their costumes to be seen,

They’ll stroll through the streets, making many admire,

And receive lollipops, chocolates and jellybeans!


How I love the season of fall, when you get to sit and relax,

Wear sweaters, drink hot coco and watch the dripping candle wax!

Some prefer to stay inside and stay warm,

While others must have fun free-form!


Fall, the time of thanksgiving and pumpkins,

People’s faces plastered with many grins!

It’s the time where everyone unites together,

To honor the pilgrims that we must remember!


As the days grow cold, the leaves must utter:

“So long fall, goodbye fall… Hello winter!”

After all the fun times we’ve spent in fall,

It’s time for icicles and snowfall!



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