Ode to the orcas

Ode to the orcas

Black as the night sky, white as freshly fallen snow,

Gliding through the water, coming up for a blow.

Graceful and remarkable; this is them, real and free,

Swimming in the sea, with not a single worry.


Look at these creatures, so giant,

Singing their music, avoiding the quiet.

Always coming up with new tunes,

Suddenly it stops, invaded by harpoons.


The beautiful music is replaced by fear,

Thrashing around, trying to avoid each spear.

These beautiful creatures must part from the waves,

And instead become sea circus slaves.

They’re captured as if there’s no other option,

Perhaps nowadays their freedom is forgotten.

Morgan 13 12 medium

 Imagine leaving your family,

Being forced to live in captivity.

Performing in show after show,

In a filthy bathtub, which you’ll soon outgrow.


These poor creatures are handled terribly,

 Beaten and bruised, crying miserably.

They turn around at three-sixty degrees,

Pleading to be returned to the seven seas.


Now their amazing music is long gone,

Replaced by dead fish, which they must feed on.

They sing and sing, but are unheard,

The crowd laughs, poor people with sight that is blurred.


Why can’t these blind buffoons see?!

That these animals don’t belong in captivity!

Their true home is in the open waters,

Swimming happily with their sons and daughters.


We have to work to guarantee their return,

To the one place without concern.

The sea is their proper home,

Where they can hunt, sing and are free to roam.


In the sea, they’re at the top,

With no power that can tell them to stop.

But in these tanks, they struggle with each breath,

Dominated by one force, which is death.


We must work hard to guarantee,

That these whales will be returned to the sea.

With the help of media, we’ll try to open their sight,

We must inform people that this is not right!

We must make captivity uncommon,

And insure that their freedom isn’t forgotten.


By: Purple Pansy


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