Scalpel please…

It was a cool morning, the sun was brightly shining everywhere and everyone and everything were quiet. Ahh, 2003, one of my favourite years during my childhood … If only I knew that this day was one of the worst days I’ve been through.

I’m in the operating room, awaiting the arrival of my patient. The nurses pushed her through the doors, I slowly pulled up my mask and I’m ready. The scalpel in my hand, I prepare myself to make an incision. I wipe the sweat from my forehead and the knife gradually got closer to the little girl on the table. Ten minutes later, the operation is approaching its end. I quickly finished the last stiches with a big smile of satisfaction : the operation was a success. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, one of my nurses told me: Doctor, the patient is not breathing.

At this point, I went into shock. I remember my white face as if it was yesterday, I was as pale as a ghost. I was a statue, motionless and silent. It was not possible, I made several operations. Even hundreds! I glance to the child, the colour went away from her face. She is livid, pale and colourless. She’s also a statue now, just like me. I cover her body with a cover and then I rush out of the room. As I walk, I think about how I will announce this horrible news to the girl’s parents. I walk and I walk, until there is no place where I haven’t walked. I turn into another corridor, just to find myself face to face with the parents. They asked me several questions and I took them into an available room…
– So, doctor … Did the operation go well? When can we visit her?
As they ask questions, I remain motionless, silent and ashamed. Finally, after many awkward silences, I explain that the patient has died. At that moment, my eyes welled with tears and I couldn’t stop crying. My mom looks at me with her sad eyes and she tries to confront me :
– Don’t worry, we can fix your little doll and if you want to, you can help me. So how about you show me where she is and we’ll continue the operation.

Then I took mom’s hand and walked to my room. While mom sewed, I watched with admiration. She was my hero, the one person who would do anything for me. And even though I was very young, I realized that we shared a special bond that no one could break… And to this day I still remember that moment…

When 5 minutes had passed, my doll had returned to its original state, all beautiful and radiant. She’s immaculate, perfect and looks brand new. I smile so much, my smile stretches from ear to ear.

Ohh, I remember this day so much! All of my tears, my mom’s heroic actions and my extremely  big smile. I remember that day like it was yesterday … But in fact,  as each year passes, we forget detail by detail…

Thanks for reading my short autobiographic story, I hope that you enjoyed the plot twist!! I had originally written this in French however I translated it into English so sorry if some parts are a little iffy…

By: Purple Pansy


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