The misconception of words

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This is a poem that I wrote for my English class and I thought that I’d include the rationale I wrote which explains my creative choices 🙂  I would like to dedicate it to all of the people out there that have been bullied before or are being bullied now. I just want to let you know that you are not alone and stay strong ❤

The misconception of words:

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But words will never harm me.

Ha! Open your eyes and see,

That these words don’t fit into reality!

Words may be little, but they have an impact,

At times when they’re here, I’d rather be smacked.

Sometimes I cry and cry until tears do not shed,

Red face, glassy eyes, I cry until I go to bed.

I am a fly, trapped in a spider’s silky net,

The laughs, the stares, it’s just too hard to forget,

My world is depressing, doleful and dark,

Day after day, I get slapped by yet another remark.

From ear to ear, pass the many lies,

On my face, a smile, but it’s my disguise.

As the days pass by, more people point and stare,

I’m a frail butterfly, weak like a twig, I break in despair.

In the halls I’m pushed around and around,

I’m a fallen apple, bruised from pound after pound.

I’m like a punching bag, until I land on the ground,

I gather my stuff, unable to state a slight sound.

If only I could find my voice,

If only this wasn’t a difficult choice.

Oh but it used to be so easy,

Yet things have changed completely,

Everyone I trusted, even my best friend,

Turned around and left me in a dead end.

When nothing was left, ready to give up,

I found hope and picked myself back up.

I wasn’t useless, worthless or empty,

I was one of a kind, I was simply me.

Many think words are innocent,

But their harm is always present.

Many blame others, rather than themselves.

But in reality our worst enemies are ourselves.


It all comes down to a final choice,

To dig deep and discover my voice.

I don’t know when I’ll get my moment,

But all I know is, I’m tired of being silent.


My spoken word poem explains an issue I feel strongly about: the ignorance regarding the meaning of words and their impact. In order to develop my thoughts and ideas, I used several literary devices and writing techniques. I began my writing process by brainstorming my ideas and then wording them onto my draft. Then I got my draft peer-edited and after correcting my mistakes, I settled on my final copy.

The structure of my poem was specifically chosen to emphasize my ideas. For example, in the first stanza I quoted a famous children’s rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” I chose to use this specific quote in order to emphasize the way society ignorantly treats the usage of words. Additionally, in the ninth stanza I once more referred to the mistreated use of words, thus emphasizing my main idea:

“Many think words are innocent,

But their harm is always present.

Many blame others, rather than themselves.

But in reality our worst enemies are ourselves.”

(Lines 30-34, 9th stanza)

Furthermore, in this stanza I decided to bring up the fact we are accustomed to blame others rather than ourselves. I brought this idea up, as I believe, it is an issue in our society and I wanted to make it known to others. Also in the body of the poem, I chose to narrate several personal experiences, which developed towards the end. I chose to use this method in order for the audience to feel a connection between themselves and the verses. Through all of my structural choices, I tried to stress the idea that words have a powerful impact on others and that society misuses them.

In order to create various emotions for the audience, I used descriptive vocabulary and literary devices, such as alliterations and metaphors, to enhance the strong message in the poem, as well as to create imagery. For example, in the third stanza I said : “I am a fly, trapped in a spiders silky net”. I chose to incorporate this metaphor to help the audience visualize that the victims of words are trapped and don’t have anywhere to go. I also used descriptive vocabulary to accentuate the physical affects of words: “Red face, glassy eyes, I cry until I go to bed.” Through all of my creative choices, I tried to create a strong sense of imagery, in order for the audience to understand my poem’s message.

While writing my poem, I had the audience of high school students who had been studying spoken word poetry. To make the message of my poem clear and captivating, I chose a subject that I thought they would relate to.

Thanks for reading 🙂

By: Purple Pansy




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