Never-ending road

This is a poem that I wrote for my English class and I thought that I’d include the rationale I wrote which explains my creative choices :)

Never-ending road:

Chin up, shoulders back, hair straight!

These were the things she had to tolerate.

Poor girl, she had to look perfect,

Mistakes were something she couldn’t accept.

She was like a music piece, so technical,

Every single detail was very critical!


She threw half of her clothes away,

Assassinated her hair with hair spray,

She spent hours in front of her mirror,

Desperate to correct every single error.

She was like a plastic Barbie,

Her hair, her face, as well her body.

She was a robot, programmed and mechanic,

Everything was automatic!


She spent hours studying for a good report card,

Only to get whispers saying: Hey, look it’s the try hard!

Each day she was judged, people thought she was fake,

As days passed, the rumors added to her heartache.

She felt horrid, hideous and horrible,

All of this was just too unbearable!

Each mistake she made was a disgrace,

She coped with it, trying to efface.

She had tried to trick them with terrible lies,

But barely anyone bought her bad disguise!

She couldn’t differentiate right from wrong,

As no one could fake perfection for that long…

Poor girl, she was like an impersonator,

If only she knew the regrets that would come later!

But she still continued in that direction,

On the never-ending road, to perfection.


My spoken word poem explains a subject I feel strongly about: the measures people go through in order to achieve so called “perfection”. In order to develop my thoughts and ideas, I used several literary devices and writing techniques. I began my writing process by brainstorming my ideas and then wording them onto my draft. Then I got my draft peer-edited and after correcting my mistakes, I settled on my final copy.

The structure of my poem was deliberately chosen to emphasize my ideas. For instance, in my poem I chose to narrate the measures a girl goes through in order for her to achieve “perfection”.  I chose to use method in order for the audience to feel a connection between themselves and my poem’s message. Furthermore, in the fourth stanza I decided to bring up that many young people turn to self-harm in order to cope with stress from certain things. I brought this idea up, as in my opinion, it is an issue in our society and I wanted to make it known to others. Through all of my structural choices, I tried to stress the idea that nowadays many youth try to achieve “the perfect image” and go through desperate measures to achieve it.

In order to create emotions for the audience, I used descriptive vocabulary and literary devices, such as similes and metaphors, to enhance my poem’s message and to create imagery. For example, in the second stanza I said : “She was like a plastic Barbie, Her hair, her face, as well her body.” I chose to incorporate this metaphor to help the audience visualize that people try to mimic images from magazines, television shows, etc… I also used the example of a Barbie doll, as it is the inspiration for most girls’ images. Additionally I used descriptive vocabulary to accentuate the details of the actions that developed throughout the poem. I used this method in order for the audience to have a better understanding of the poem and the verses.

While writing my poem, I had the audience of high school students who had been studying spoken word poetry. In order to make the message of my poem clear and captivating, I chose a subject that, in my opinion, they would relate to.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

By: Purple Pansy


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