A Short Story : A Hero’s Quest

‘‘The Golden Cure’’

        Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a little village known as Zynthonia. On the outskirts of town, the air was filled with worry and sorrow as Josephine, one of the princess’ handmaidens, had fallen under the possession of a monster. All of the apothecaries had tried to cure her, but unfortunately none of them succeeded. With little hope left, Princess Aurelia decided to summon a brave knight from the village, in hopes that he could find the cure. Three days passed until the fellow arrived at the castle gates:

‘‘Good morrow fair princess, why have you decided to summon my presence? I am a very busy man and I have many things to do,” announced the young man.  The princess explained the kingdom’s dilemma:

‘‘My handmaiden, Josephine, has fallen terribly ill as she is under the control of a horrible beast. She is growing weaker by the minute and we have to find a cure.’’ A sad silence passed and the teary-eyed princess added: ’’Before it’s too late…’’

At that moment, the young knight realized his importance and as he pulled out his sword, he replied in a confident tone:

‘‘Fear not princess, I shall cure your maiden.” He slowly slithered towards the cabin window and peeked through it. The knight was fearless, he hadn’t trembled at all! He clearly had the heart of a lion.

“Hmm, I mean, she looks ill, but this is clearly not the work of a monster.” A few seconds passed, until a terrifying green beast lurked near the window and popped in front of the knight. He screamed with fear and blurted out in a shaky voice:

“That is definitely the work of a monster! A horrible, terrifying monster and it cannot be slayed by sword alone.” The princess glanced at the knight with worry and then she asked,

“So how will we slay the monster?” The knight was stricken with disbelief and he could not reply, he had never seen something like this before.

At that moment, a wizard appeared out of nowhere:

‘‘Fear not mortals, I am Norgetor the Wizard and I am here to help you during your quest. The only way to save your maiden is to go through the forbidden forest and collect one flask of the golden nectar. Take this wand; it will come in great use during the tasks that you will need to overcome.’’

The wizard handed the wand over with great delicacy and in a split second he vanished from their sight.

“How will we get there?” Asked the concerned princess.

“Fret not princess, we shall go on horseback,” replied the knight in a heroic voice. The two instantly packed their bags and hopped on the back of a horse and fled Zynthonia.

Three days had passed since their departure and slowly they were arriving towards the Forbidden Forest; there was a dark and gloomy atmosphere in the air. All of a sudden, a baby dragon crept out of nowhere.

‘‘Princess! My master approaches, prepare yourselves for his rage!’’ announced the dragon. However, the Dark Lord appeared before the pair could hide and the silence was broken by his booming voice : ”Mortals! I’m warning you all, anyone who dares set foot in my Forbidden Forest shall disappear… Forever!” The two jumped with fear and the brave knight took the wizard’s wand and shouted:

‘‘Invisiblimus!’’. Aurelia and the knight disappeared from sight, like thieves in the night. When they reappeared, they found themselves at the opposite side of the Forbidden Forest! It was a miracle, a good omen, thought the princess. Perhaps it was true, beautiful things did come from the dark. The princess’ thoughts were halted as the brave knight screamed with satisfaction,

“Huzzah! We have finally arrived to the fields where the golden flowers grow.” The princess took out her flask and squeezed the plant over it, letting the gold liquid flow into it. Once they had gathered enough nectar, the two jumped onto the knight’s horse and rode back towards their village.

As they made their way through the forest, the princess heard: “Meep, meep, meep!“ So she hopped off the horse, took the knight’s sword and galloped through the rough forest grounds. Then she found a bunch of small little creatures, they were fairies! The fairies immediately saw the flask of nectar around her belt and asked to make a potion that would cure her maiden. The fairies took the nectar, combined it with an assortment of mystical smells; the fairies’ land was a perfume shop. Once they were done, the princess thanked them and returned to her knight in shining armour.

Once again the two continued their journey until they finally reached the village grounds. The minute their horse stopped, the princess jumped off their trusty steed and stampeded into the outskirts, right into the maiden’s cabin. She cautiously poured the potion into Josephine’s mouth, carefully watching each drop, and waited with impatience. She closed her eyes, whispered a silent prayer and when she opened them she was amazed to find Josephine opening her eyes! The princess’ face beamed with joy, her smile stretched from ear to ear!

“Josephine! You’re cured!” Announced the overjoyed princess.

“Thank you princess, you have slayed the horrible beast and have set me free. I will never be able to repay you.” The two exchanged hugs, news spread around the village and everyone came to visit the healed handmaiden.

With the monster gone, all was once again well in Zynthonia. The brave knight had succeeded and he rode off to fight again and the princess continued to embark on many quests. And the maiden you may ask? Well, she lived happily ever after.

      The End

By: Purple Pansy


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