The creation of the Universe

The creation of the Universe has always been a subject that interested me. I have been fascinated by the different theories explaining the creation of our Universe, so I decided to do some extra research!

Where does our Universe come from?
The origin of the Universe is one of the most disputed subjects today. However there are three main theories that people believe are possible for the creation :
– The scientific background (the Big Bang theory)
– The religious origin
– Several mythological origins

The Big Bang Theory 
The Big Bang is an event that astronomers and cosmologists believe that triggered the expansion of our Universe. Sir Fred Hoyle, a British astronomer, coined the term Big Bang. One of the greatest proofs of the existence of the Big Bang is the cosmic microwave background (residual radiation from the Big Bang). You can see the cosmic microwave background by two NASA satellites (COBE and WMAP).
Nowadays due to space technology, we can determine the evolution of the Universe since the Big Bang until today.

Here is a picture explaining the Big Bang Theory :

The Big Bang Theory

If you want a more detailed explanation, here is one :
– 1/100 of a second after the Big Bang, the first particles appear: protons, neutrons and electrons.
– At the time of the Big Bang matter did not exist, only pure energy. But after a second, four fundamental forces are separated:
Gravity: the attraction of a body to another
The electromagnetic force: it connects the atoms with the molecules and can be transmitted by photons
The strong nuclear force: it connects the protons and neutrons together in a nucleus
The weak nuclear force: it breaks the nucleus of an atom and it produces radioactive decay
– 3 minutes later, the temperature dropped to 1 billion degrees Celsius. So protons and neutrons formed the hydrogen nuclei.
– At 15 minutes, the nuclei of deuterium and helium formed.
– 300,000 years later, the temperature is at  3000 º C and hydrogen and helium atoms have formed.
– At 380,000 years, the Universe became transparent to radiation and Space became dark. Then, 20,000 years later, the expansion continued and Space became darker and radiation cooled down.
– Because of gravity, clouds condense and form the first galaxies, which are born in the first proto-galaxies. We are now  100 million years after the Big Bang.
– 400 million to 1 billion years after the Big Bang, stars and more galaxies are formed.                                                                                                                                                                    – 3 billion years later the Milky Way formed.                                                                              – 10 billion years after the Big Bang, the Sun and the solar system formed.                  – About 15 billion years later , the radiation wave lengths were made and they characterize an object of -270 º C.

Religious origins :
Many cultures and religions describe the origin of the Universe and many of these sources can be grouped together. Most religious people believe that a God or a creator created our Universe. Some religions that follow this origin are: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism.

Mythological origins :
In Greek mythology, the Universe was in the form of a goddess, Gaia. There are several legends explaining the origin of the goddess and her “children” who were the planets and stars.
Aztec mythology indicated that the Universe was made by the sacrifice of many gods and goddesses.
The mythology of ancient Egyptians showed that the creation of the Universe was not a physical event, such as the Big Bang. It was an event that was pre-planned and executed according to a divine law.
Chinese and Indian mythologies cited that the Universe was born as an egg.

In conclusion …
There are three main sources that may be the origin of the Universe: the scientific origin, the religious origin and the mythological origin …
The Universe has existed for about 15 billion years and  thanks to the discovery of Edwin Hubble, it continues to expand.
Also, when the Universe was born, it was extremely hot, but while growing it has cooled. The temperature of the Universe today is -270 º C and the distance of the visible universe is 92 billion light years.

I hope that you learned something new!

By: Purple Pansy


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