Icarus and the wings

Hey everyone,

Here is a poem about the legend of Icarus and Daedalus! If you don’t know the myth about Icarus and Daedalus, here is a website that explains it : http://www.island-ikaria.com/culture/myth.asp

I hope that you enjoy the poem!


My father and I have to flee Crete,

We shall do so, by not using our feet.

We’ll leave the island by using some wings,

And by flying we’ll escape from the king.

Once my father finishes his invention,

As I put them on, he begins to mention:

Don’t fly to high, as the sun will melt the wax,

And then you’ll fall in the ocean and will face some horrible facts…

As I take off, I remember my father’s wise words,

But then I realize that I’m flying with the birds!

WOW! This is amazing, a dream come true!

I’m so happy that I yell: “Woo hoo!!’’

Suddenly those thoughts disappear,

As everywhere is filled with fear.

I realize that the wax is melting,

And very loudly I start yelping.

But who can hear me, up in the sky?

No one, which is when I realize, soon I’ll die…

As I’m plummeting to the cold water,

My heart starts pounding and my eyes blur.

Goodbye world, I quickly announce,

And sadly that was the last thing Icarus pronounced.

Boys and girls, this is the story,

Of a young man who wanted some glory.

And this is why you shall always wait,

For things to be finished and you’ll have a good fait.


By: Purple Pansy


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