DIY clementine candle!


Have you ever wanted to make your own candle but didn’t have any wax? Or maybe you didn’t want to make a huge mess or wanted fast results? Well if you want to make a candle using a clementine and a few household items, keep on reading!

For this very simple candle, you will need:

– A clementine, I used a very soft one as the inside pops out easily 

– About 3/4 tablespoons of olive oil

– A cutting board

– A knife

– OPTIONAL: A scent, I used some vanilla extract


Step 1: Put your clementine on your cutting board and with your knife cut a straight line all around the middle of your clementine.

Step 2:   Separate both halves and remove the “guts” of the clementine out and make sure that you didn’t rip the peel and make sure that a little bit of flesh is in the middle of one of your halves as this will act as your wick.

Step 3: Pour a little bit of olive oil into the orange  half and onto the wick, you should pour about 3/4 tablespoons but make sure that you have 1 cm of the flesh showing. Also soak the wick into the olive oil as this will make it light up easier. OPTIONAL: Add a few drops of your favourite scent for a nice smell.

Step 4: With your lighter, light the wick and hold it there for about 10 seconds for it to light up. You may have to repeat this process several times until your wick lights up.


I hope that you enjoyed this very simple craft!

By : Purple Pansy


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