Remembrance Day

November 11th, today’s the day,

We thank those who have fought with a poppy bouquet.

Without those brave soldiers, where would we be?

The answer is simple, in a world of hate, war and poverty.


We shall remember the soldiers, who have fought and died,

Because without them, we’d be terrified.

We’re so proud of them for fighting for us,

Because without them, our world would be full of disgust.


These soldiers are in our hearts and will always remain,

As they have battled for us, even though they’re in pain.

They sacrificed their homes and families, in order to save ours,

And now that they’re gone, they’ll remain in the poppy flowers.

Lest we forget,

~ Purple Pansy


2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. What a great poem to remember the soldiers that have fought for us!! And the pictures were pretty interesting! Looking forward to more poems and keep up the great work!! 😀

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