Electronic Review #6

Hi everyone!!

Today, I purchased an accessory for my IPhone 4, a screen guard. This screen guard  is made by Belkin and I am extremely pleased with it! The screen guard kit includes 2 screen guards for either an IPhone 4 or 4S, 1 cleaning wipe and 1 air bubble smoothing card!

Here are 2 pictures of the box and the contents of the box:

I really recommend buying this product and here is my review for this product:

Pros: – It’s super easy and fast to install, thanks to the easy instructions that come with pictures!

– It protects your phone’s screen against fingerprints, smudges, scratches and other possible damages that are similar…

– It has a feature called “Tru Clear” which allows you to have optimal screen visibility.

– It fits like a glove on my phone’s screen!

– It has a lifetime warranty!

Cons: – It is a little expensive for 2 screen protectors (18.99$) but it works fabulously!!

Here is a tip on how to apply this product to your phone:

– To make the application of the protector to your screen a little easier, start placing the protector from one end with one hand and with the other hand, use the air bubble smoothing card and gradually rub the protector until the end of the screen!

Hope that you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments if you purchased this product and let me know about your thoughts of this product as well!

By: Purple Pansy


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