Real identity

I was inspired by several different poems and detective stories to write this poem…


Your identity please, security kindly demanded,

He let you through, instead of making you wait and feel stranded.

But is that little, plastic card really you?

He should think twice about letting you through!

You can’t just put your identity on a card,

And show it to an old security guard!

Your true identity is much more complex,

He can’t just look at you and say “next”!

Your real identity is much more than a photograph,

It’s the way you feel, the things you do or how you laugh!

Your identity isn’t only your appearance,

It’s the way you walk, smile or grimace.

The way you draw, sing or cook,

Those are what people should really look!

It’s all those things that make you, you!

That’s the only identity I think is true!

By : Purple Pansy


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