Triple citizenships

As I was watching a very tough game of basketball (China vs. Turkey) in the Olympics yesterday with my family, my dad asked me: “If you had the chance to be an Olympic athlete, which country would you represent?” I thought for a few seconds and replied: “Um… the United States of America (since I was born there).”  In reply to my answer, he said: “Oh, so you feel more American than Canadian or Turkish?”.

I was never surprised when my mom and dad were always cheering when a Turkish medalist won any medal, but I never even thought of which country I would represent/belong to. So when someone asks me where I come from, I usually reply by saying American or Canadian, although I am of 100% Turkish descent. Technically, I look 100% Turkish and I am 100% Turkish (because of my 2 fully Turkish parents and grandparents etc…), but I still see myself as an American at heart and think of myself as a Canadian. I am positive that my way of looking at life and my future will be influenced by my Turkish background, so being Turkish still plays a huge role in my life however the cultural differences between Canada, the USA and Turkey will also play their part.

Nonetheless, I do know that I’m extremely proud to be Canadian, American and Turkish because I am quite lucky to have three different citizenships and to have more than one culture as a role model. Furthermore being a person with triple citizenships is a very interesting part of my life because I can practically travel anywhere that I want in the world without a visa, which is pretty awesome because sometimes visas can be expensive! I could also work and study in universities of those countries, which would be a huge advantage in my future. 🙂

By: Purple Pansy

P.S. I was inspired by “mind melodies” to write this post, so thanks for the inspiration!


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