How to start a blog

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to start a new blog !

1) Choose a main topic for your blog. Before you start a blog, think about what you want to write about on a regular basis.  This is very important because it will help you get more ideas on what to post. My main topic was stories, poems and crafts but as I got more experienced with blogging, I started adding new posts such as : reviews, polls and tips… Here are some ideas to help you find a main topic :

  • Cooking. You could share your best recipes, write reviews of restaurants or recipes or you could even talk about different foods that you tasted around the world.
  • Movies. You could write reviews of new/old movies, add trailers of movies that are coming to the theatres, etc…
  • Your favorite thing. Write about one of your favourite hobbies because you’ll probably always have something to write about it.  My hobbies are writing stories, making crafts, etc ; so I uploaded tutorials about crafts, stories and poems on my blog!

2) Find/ create a name ~ this seems pretty simple but put deep thought into it because most people will remember your blog’s name!

  • WARNING ! : Don’t forget to have some backup names because it is possible that there are other blogs with the name that you chose.

3) Find a blog provider that you like. Some popular providers are Blogger and WordPress. These sites are pre-made with a  variety of templates to choose from and easy instructions that don’t require much technical knowledge.

4) Click on the “New blog” or “Get started” link. These links are slightly different for each provider, but they all get you to the same place: creating a blog. Follow the instructions and voilà you have a new blog!

5) Promote your blog. Send your blog’s website address (URL) to your friends or add the URL to comments you make on other blogs.  Also promote it on your social networking accounts.


  • If you update your blog frequently, more people will return on a regular basis to read it/comment on new posts.
  • Personalize your blog. A pretty/bold blog always catches someone’s eye. You could visit for some ideas.
  • Visit other blogs for more ideas but make sure to give some credits to the original author.
  • Spell check and proof read your writing before posting. Not everyone really cares about spelling or grammar but a site that has poor spelling and grammar will not be taken seriously and will not be visited as often as a site with good spelling and grammar.
  • Don’t feel blue if no one visits your site within the first few months of its grand opening. Remember, it will take some time for your blog to get noticed. See step 5 to learn how to promote your blog and get more views.

Good luck!!!

Comment down bellow if you created a new blog and don’t forget to include your blog’s URL in the comment’s box because I’ll definitely check it out!

By: Purple Pansy

***NOTE: Some of these steps were taken from this website : but they were changed a little bit!***

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