Hi everyone,

I while ago, I posted a post asking for some story ideas for a story competition that I was entering. Well in the end, I wrote a story and here it is! Enjoy…

I love watching the sparkling water of an ocean. It makes me feel calm, relaxed and I forget about the outside world. When I am near the ocean, I am in my safe haven, a place where I am oblivious to anything. I know that while I’m here, I can let go of all of my worries and problems. I feel that I can do anything and that nothing can penetrate the bubble that I have created. Although the ocean appears tranquil right now, I do not forget its power. Its ability to become a connector of nations by connecting different cultures and nations with others. As I look toward the horizon, I realize that the water seems as there is nothing beyond it. I notice that nothing can go past the edge of the horizon except the endless quantity of water. Above the edge, I see a couple of fluffy clouds stretched on the light blue sky. I imagine them as giant tufts of white cotton candy and then I visualize different animals, people and shapes forming in the clouds. I see a boot, a shark and even a wolf. Suddenly, a strong wind blows and I get quite a chill on my shoulders. I quickly breathe in a gulp of the air and it causes a slight irritation. It first agitates my nose and gives me a sting in my eyes. I then remember how these mighty winds carry many different aromas. It instantly brings back my old memories of my trips to beaches. As I lye on my back and close my eyes to forget about my mom, all I can feel is the warmth of the sunlight, shining onto my eyes. As I stand back up again I see the reflection of this giant ball of light, glowing on the aquamarine water. The reflection forms a trail to the horizon and I think it looks beautiful sparkling on the water. I look closely into the ocean and I see a blurry reflection of myself. I immediately laugh at the funny image and quickly splash it away with my hands. Suddenly, I become rigid after hearing my mother calling for me. As my lovely place began to slowly fade, I quickly rush back home and find her on the sofa, reading a magazine. ‘‘Isabelle, it’s time for dinner’’ she said. She also added that I had to set the table. As I got the cutlery and plates out from the cupboard, I noticed that my mom hadn’t made dinner yet. I asked her where dinner was and she replied saying that it was in the oven cooking. But when I looked into the oven I noticed that nothing was there. When I told my mom that there was nothing in the oven, she looked inside and said ‘‘Oh well, I must have forgotten to put it in the oven’’, with a smile on her face. I noticed that my mom was quite pale and was acting strange. I quickly called an ambulance to check on her, just in case. When they arrived, they asked me a couple of questions: what’s your name, how old are you and a bunch of other questions. When the paramedics said that my mom’s heart rate was very high and told me that they were going to take her to the hospital to run some tests, that was when I knew something was wrong. I asked if I could come, but they said that it was best for me to stay home because they would be back soon.

I was speechless and white as a ghost, while I watched my mom being lifted onto a stretcher and driven away to the hospital. I wondered what was wrong… A couple minutes later, I got a call from a woman saying that she was a social worker and that my mom had passed away when she arrived to the hospital. Before I could ask any questions, she told me to pack my belongings and wait for a cab to come and pick me up. Now most children or even adults would probably start crying and loosing their temper because they just lost their house and their mother. But I am not your regular teenager, I am glad to leave my crazy house and I am glad that my mom is no longer in pain. While I waited for my taxi to come, I wondered where I was being taken. As I heard the horn of the taxi, I said my goodbyes and closed the door behind me. In hopes that my past will be cleared, I stepped into the cab and I took the first step of my long journey.

While we were driving, I asked the taxi driver where I was being taken. “Um a special treatment center for teenagers, I believe it’s called Sunnyside Treatment Facilities for adolescents.’’ he replied. It was a very long and boring ride since no one talked. I quickly fell asleep after twenty long minutes of waiting but I suddenly woke up when we hit a pothole. As the cab pulled up to the center, I noticed how the building looked like it was about to crumble into pieces. The bricks were muddy brown and it had this eerie glow on its windows. Only by looking at it, I felt as though all of my emotions were being sucked away. After examining the old place, I saw a woman running towards me. ‘‘You must be Isabelle, I’m Mary your caretaker.’’ she said. ‘‘Hi.’’ I replied while looking at my shoes. ‘‘Well, let me show you around.’’ she added, while breaking the awkward silence. She started walking towards the giant entrance and I got the feeling that I should follow her. As she walked besides me, she mentioned where the cafeteria was, the information desk and then we walked past the girls’ dorms. I was surprised there weren’t any bars blocking the windows or doors. Maybe this place wasn’t that bad… There were even televisions, probably the education channel I thought. As we walked past dozens of doors, she finally stopped at one. ‘‘Here we are’’ she said as she opened the door of room 207. Inside there were two twin beds, a small television and two small nightstands. I noticed that one nightstand was already covered in small objects. Breaking the silence again, Mary asked me if I had any questions. I waited a little while, then asked: “Where are your washrooms?” “Oh, they’re right next to the group therapy rooms, if you need help finding them here’s a map” she answered while giving me a map of the place. “Thanks.” I mumbled. As soon as Mary left, I threw my bags onto the floor and jumped onto the bed. When I landed the springs of the mattress creaked, but the bed was still pretty comfortable. After resting for a couple of minutes, I realized that it was a good idea to unpack my very few belongings. First I took out some pictures of my parents and me, then I took some books and other knickknacks out as well. After, I took my clothes and then I took out my shoes. I tucked my small suitcase under my bed but I kept my wallet with me since my I.D, passport and other legal documents like my birth certificate. I then decided to read a chapter of my book…

As a couple minutes past by, I heard someone turning the door handle very slowly… When I looked up, I saw a blonde haired girl, who was quite short standing in front of me. “Hi, I’m Lola, you must be my new roommate.”, announced the girl. “Hey, I’m Isabelle.”, I replied. “Uh, nice to meet you”, I quickly added. Then we started talking a lot. Lola told me about her family and how they couldn’t take care of her anymore. For some reason, the more Lola talked the more I felt comforted… After I learned her story, she finally asked: “So, why are you here?”. I hesitated for a moment, thought about my answer and then I replied with a simple: “Um, I’m not quite sure…”. “ Oh, well it’s almost time for lunch, do you want to sit together?”, she asked. “Uhhh… Sure.”, I replied. Then she went to the door opened it and I followed her. As we walked down the hallway to the cafeteria, I saw a group therapy session going on… Wow, these people really need help, I thought to my self. There were a bunch of people crying, fidgeting and some were almost falling asleep. I also wondered why I was put in this mental hospital… Maybe it was because of the entire trauma that I had experienced in the past couple of years?? I put the thought aside and hoped that I would remember it later, since we got to the cafeteria. “Yum, Taco Tuesday, my favourite…”, Lola randomly blurted out. “Cool, is the food good?”, I asked. “Well, if good is coming from either a can or a microwavable container, then… yes!”, she replied. “Ha ha, very funny.”, I told her. We lined up in the long line and I observed the giant room. There were very few people, maybe about six or seven but there was a bunch of tables. My turn came to get my food and I asked the server if they had a vegetarian option. She looked at me with a weird look on her face, looked under the counter and pulled out a taco marked with a V. “Here you go”, she replied with an accent that I couldn’t really recognize. Lola was waiting for me at a table and she motioned for me to come and sit next to her and in front of girl with raven black hair with blue highlights. “This is Penelope, my best friend!” she introduced me. “Hi, I’m Isabelle”, I told her. “Cool”, she replied. Hmm… She looked very interesting, especially because of her dark black hair and very pale skin. It was a little awkward because nobody talked and all you could hear was the sound of me, Lola and Penelope chewing our tacos. I broke the silence by asking what we were going to do next. “Um… I think it’s group therapy.” replied Penelope. “What’s that?” I asked her. “It’s basically when we all go into a big room, sit in a circle and talk about ourselves or what we did today. It’s kind of boring though.” answered Penelope. I nodded my head and then followed the two girls out of the cafeteria and down a long hallway. We stopped at a pink door, marked with a G.T on the top, for Group Therapy. The door opened and a short lady stepped out and greeted us. “Hi Lola, hi Penelope.” she said while looking at them. “Hm… You must be Isabelle! My name’s Ms. Addams. Welcome to my class!” she exclaimed. “Hi, nice to meet you.” I shyly told her. The three of us then stepped into the room and she closed the door behind us. This room was pretty big and there were lots of people inside it. All of them were sitting in a circle, just like Penelope had said. I saw the two girls get their chairs and find a spot to put them in the circle. Then I went and grabbed a chair from a big pile at the back of the room and I sat beside Lola and some other girl. Ms. Addams waited for everyone to settle down and then she announced: “Hi everyone, today we’re going to introduce ourselves and why we’re here because we have someone new joining us!”. Right at that moment, everyone looked at me, some with no expression and some with a small smile on his or her faces. One by one they all introduced themselves and when everyone was finished Ms. Addams looked at me and said:” Isabelle would you like to introduce yourself as well?”. “Uh, sure” I replied. “Hi everyone, my name’s Isabelle I’m fifteen years old and I am here to start everything from scratch.” I added. “Very good. Class what do you think about starting from scratch?” asked Ms. Addams. One girl with brown hair and green highlights said: “I also want to start from scratch but how can I forget everything that happened?”. Ms. Addams replied by saying: “Good question Tiffany, why don’t you ask Isabelle for your answer.”. So Tiffany asked me her question and I thought for a short while, then I replied: ”Well, I believe that we can all work together as one to solve all of our problems.”. Lola then jumped into our conversation and suggested that we could maybe do group therapy outside on the grass or that we could have special sessions during lunch while we’re eating. All of a sudden, a bunch of people joined in and told their suggestions. When everyone was finished talking, Ms. Addams said that we could make a plan to start from scratch that would last for about five months. We all agreed to make a contract, which we signed and then it was time for us to go back to our rooms and go to bed. Lola and I said “Bye” to Penelope and we walked back to our rooms. We got changed into our pajamas, walked to the washrooms, brushed our teeth and went back to our room. Then we turned off the lights, said goodnight to each other and we both fell asleep.

5 months later…

 As I woke up and sat up on my bed, I realized that this was my last day at Sunnyside. I was very happy because I’d come a very long way from when I first came here. However I was sad that I was leaving all of my friends and counselors because I had grown very close to them. Finally, all of the therapy sessions worked and I was finally able to go and live at my aunt’s and uncle’s house. I could barely believe that I had recovered from what I was going through at the time when I came here. Putting my mixed thoughts aside, I quickly dressed into some clothes and packed my luggage. I then opened the door and slowly walked down the hall while stopping to say goodbye to my friends. When I reached the checkout desk, I knew that I was going to miss everyone a lot. They all helped me overcome the many challenges that I faced here and they made me feel more relieved for the first couple of days. After the lady cancelled my account here and took my I.D card, I said bye to this big, brown building and I walked out the doors. I put my luggage in the taxi’s trunk and I opened the door and sat in the taxi. I rolled down the window and screamed goodbye to everyone that was outside. I was now on my way, ready to thrive and prosper in honor of both of my parents.

 The End

By: Purple Pansy



  1. Great story! I enjoyed your simple style of writing – it’s very easy to understand!
    Keep us up to date with the competition results – I don’t doubt you will win something!

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