Hi everyone!

Today, I went to the Carassauga Festival !!! If you don’t know what this wonderful event is, here is a definition from their website :

“The Carassauga Festival of Cultures, founded in 1986, is the largest multicultural Festival in Ontario and the 2nd largest cultural Festival in Canada.  Celebrating its 27th year, Carassauga promotes understanding, respect and cooperation amoung Canadians of different heritages.Over three days visitors can experience the cuisine, culture and entertainment from 60 cultures at 26 pavilions in 12 locations across Mississauga. Carassauga is an important event in Mississauga’s calendar and is also recognized in Festivals and Events Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals.”

Now that you know a little bit about Carassauga, I’ll explain how my day went… First, I bought my “passport” (it was 12$)which allows you to visit the pavilions and you get a stamp each time you visit a new pavilion! Then I went to the Turkish pavilion. There was dervishes whirling on the stage, traditional Turkish foods + drinks, jewellery and many other items that you would find in Turkey! After tasting  all of the marvellous Turkish foods, I went to the Caribbean pavilion! There was folk singing, Reggae + Zouk music (there was more but I only heard these 2 types of music), delicious food + drinks (it was my first time drinking out of a papaya!), beautiful carvings, statues and jewellery and many more wonderful items, all from the Caribbean. After, I went to the Canadian pavilion! There was many historic heritage displays, yummy food (especially the beaver tails!) and  lots of fun activities. Then, I went to the African pavilion! There was live drumming, traditional dancing, lots of jewellery, traditional clothing and I got to try many new foods (I really recommend trying raw sugar cane, all you have to do is chew on a small piece, suck the natural juice out of it and then spit it out! It tastes really good.). After, I went to the Croatian pavilion! There was live traditional dancing and music, delicious foods, candies from Croatia and beautiful paintings! Afterwards, I went to Italy! There were Italian cars on display, very tasty foods and live music. Then I went to the Philippines pavilion! There was gorgeous masks, live music and traditional dancing, yummy foods and many more items that you can find in the Philippines ! After, I went to the Indian pavilion ! There was traditional foods, music and dancing, lots of Indian artefacts, henna and a lot of jewellery. Then I went to the Latin American pavilion! There were salsa, rumba and samba dancers, delicious foods, jewellery and fun activities. After, I went to the Maltese pavilion! There was traditional food from Malta, historic displays and a very good live singer (this is a good pavilion if you want to sit down and rest for a little while). My last pavilion was… the Egyptian pavilion! There was a mini museum inside, yummy foods, a bunch of shows with traditional dancers, documentaries about mummies and pharaohs and I even got to ride a camel!!!

In the end, I came home with A LOT of souvenirs!!! This festival was so much fun and I really recommend that you try it out next year! I hoped that you enjoyed my giant travel to 11 different countries. Now I can honestly say : “I travelled to 11 countries in 4 hours!!!” 😉

By : Purple Pansy




2 thoughts on “CARASSAUGA FESTIVAL !

  1. Hello Purple Pansy !

    Did you take photos? I’d like to see them. 🙂

    Did you also get stamps from each country on your passport?

    See you!

    • HI!

      Yes, I did get stamps in my passport! It felt as though I was actually travelling to different countries because all of the pavilions had desks where you get your passport stamped and there was a bunch of security officers, just like the immigration and customs in other countries!

      Purple Pansy

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