Story ideas!


Last year I entered a story competition and now I want to write another story for the same competition. So, if you have any ideas for what I should write, I would love to know them! I will then pick an idea that I like and use it as a very simple beginning for my story! Of course, I also came up with a couple ideas of my own, but it’s always good to have a backup story just in case. 🙂

Thanks for your participation!

Purple Pansy


2 thoughts on “Story ideas!

    • Hi Blue Iris!

      The story competition’s name is : 2012 yili Oyku Yarismasi- ANKARA KITAPLIGI. It is a story competition for turkish and canadian citizens that live in Canada. The contest ends on June 30th. They also require some sort of identification to prove that you have both citizenships (turkish + canadian)…
      Here is their website
      Everything that’s written on their website is in turkish. It basically explains their rules, prizes and explains some other information about their previous competitions.

      Hope that this helped !
      Purple Pansy

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