Hunger Games books necklaces

Today, I have created three necklaces that look exactly like the Hunger Games books! I think that they look very cool 🙂

I used oven-bake clay  in three different colours (black = Hunger Games, red = Catching Fire, blue = Mockingjay) to make these in…

All I did was roll out the different clays to make three rectangles. After, on the Internet I found pictures of the books and I printed them. After printing them, I cut them out. Then I cut the three different rectangles  accordingly to the picture’s size. I also put an eye pin in the middle in each rectangle… After I baked them in the oven according to the package’s instructions and waited for them to cool. Then I glued the picture of the three books on the according rectangle . After I put several coats of varnish on the surface of the rectangle, to make it shiny and durable. Then I put them on a string and I now have three new necklaces !

In the end, this project cost me about 6-7 $!!!

Here are some pictures:


4 thoughts on “Hunger Games books necklaces

  1. I have been thinking of making some “jewelry” along the lines of these Hunger Games necklaces, but I was wondering if the paper actually stuck to the oven bake clay. I know that the clay tends to bake with a fairly smooth texture, so I wan’t sure if it worked. Did yours stick well and last long?

    • Yes, the picture did stick well and so far there’s nothing wrong with it. I think that it depends on the type of glue that you use to stick the picture on the clay. I used a varnish which worked well. I would really recommend putting a varnish on because if the picture didn’t stick well on the clay, the varnish will seal it on and prevent it from coming off. 🙂

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