A stolen painting

A cry was herd in the Giraudaux mansion at midnight! Suddenly all the music stopped, people became motionless and everyone looked at Mrs. Giraudaux. Everyone whispered among themselves, the famous painting was stolen! Then Mr. Kessel, the owner of the painting called the police and my group of investigators.
So I begin to interview a few people in the big room. First, I decided to interview Boris Vian, the security guard that was watching the painting:
– Mr. Vian, I heard that you were next to the painting of Mr. Kessel all this time. Is this correct?
– Well … Yes! I watched this painting the minute that the gala began, Vian said.
– Hmm… Have  you observed any strange actions or a few strange guests? Were there other guards around the painting or were you alone?
– There was my partner, Alfred Michaut but he left an hour early for personal reasons. But throughout the mansion there are about a hundred guards!
– And Alfred Michaut, did you see him after he left?
– Hmmm … No I haven’t seen him but before he disappeared he was talking with another man. But unfortunately I do not know who this man is. Are there any other questions?
– No, thank you I have everything I need to know.

After my conversation with Mr. Vian, I decided to interview Mrs. Giraudaux:
–  Good evening Mrs. Giraudaux, I’m the inspector for this situation. I’ll ask you some questions. When do you noticed that the painting was stolen?
– It was a few minutes after midnight and I decided to look into the room containing the painting. But when I entered the room, the painting was gone!
– Hmmm … Okay, I understand. Well, do you know a gentleman named Alfred Michaut?
– Oh! Alfred, he was my former cook but I fired three weeks ago! He tried to steal one of my precious jewels, but one of my servants found him, caught and he was put in jail.Why did you ask me about him?
– A guard called Boris Vian, told me about him. Did you see Mr. Michaut tonight?
– No, the last time I saw him, he was in prison. Are there any other questions?
– No, thank you ma’am.

When I was leaving the mansion, I noticed two men dressed in tuxedos. They went into the room which had once contained the stolen painting. ” Stop those two men!” I cried. In an instant the men were stopped and I ran beside them.
– Are you Alfred Michaut?, I asked.
– Yes, sir. What do you want?
– Mr. Michaut, you are under arrest for stealing one of the most expensive paintings in the world!
– How did you that find that out?
– I asked Mr. Boris Vian and Mrs. Giraudaux. And I know how you did the robbery! First, you spoke with a man and this man  stole  Mr. Kessel’s painting.Then you grabbed the painting and you hid it somewhere in the mansion! After you went back to steal more paintings and other valuables. But when you tried to go back to the room, I stopped you!
Suddenly, the culprit’s face suddenly became white as a ghost and he whispered with the other man. They whispered for a few seconds and then Mr. Michaut spoke again:
– Okay, okay. I stole the painting but it was because Mrs. Giraudaux has all the jewels in the world and I have nothing! None of this is fair!
– Hmmm, okay, I answered. George, William, you are in charge of these two men! I said.Then I wandered off into another room of the mansion.

After speaking with Mr. Michaut, my colleagues and I discussed where to bring our two culprits There were many suggestions, but in the end, we chose to bring them to the police.

– Before you go, I have one question. Who is your partner?
– Ahhh … He’s my brother: Daniel Michaut.
– Hmm, okay I understand … Hey guys bring these two to the station!

Then, after the police handcuffed the two brothers, they went into the police car. But before entering the car, they yelled:
– We’ll catch you next time!

The end

I hope that you enjoyed my short story!

By: Purple Pansy


4 thoughts on “A stolen painting

    • Hi Blue Iris,

      Yes you were right, I originally wrote this story in French. I guess that you could probably tell by the names, they’re actually the last names of famous French artists and writers!! 🙂 But since my blog is in English, I translated it. 😀

      Thanks for your comment.
      Purple Pansy

      • Oh, no I care not for the names being in French. I simply recognized the way you began a new line whenever someone new spoke, and you also used the “-“. I also noticed some grammatical errors that would be the result of google translating, yet would make more sense in French… 😉

  1. Yes I agree, it does make more sense in French. Although I did not use google translate, I also did notice after reading the story a couple of times, that there were a few spelling/grammatical mistakes but I guess that after reading it a couple of time I did not see the mistakes that were there because I was skipping them. 🙂
    I think that for some reason I write stories better in French rather than English because I find the spelling and grammar easier… I believe that it’s from learning the French spelling and grammar earlier than learning the English spelling and grammar. However, I believe that I present something it’s better in English instead of French… It’s quite interesting ! 🙂

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