Papa’s puzzling predicament

This is a sequel to a chapter of a book that I read… I hope that you enjoy !

This morning Papa wakes up early again. His face is not shaven, and his face looks miserable and his eyelids are drooping and his hands are fidgeting. He sits slumped on the crumbling chair, still in his robe and pajamas, slurps his coffee and asks me how I slept. Fine Papa I reply and then I sit down next to him. I look deeply in his eyes and notice that they are jumping all over the place like lice jumping on every kid’s head. The telephone rings and he gets up and slowly walks to answer it. I notice that while he’s talking everything sounds mumbled and sluggish. I wonder why Papa’s not dressed in his work clothes but the question pops out of my mind because I get distracted by the sound that the trees are making while they tap on the window. While they’re staring at me I also notice that they do a little dance with their branches. I then focus back on Papa’s odd behaviour. Why was Papa acting so weird? He didn’t even have his regular cheery voice that comforts everyone. Papa comes and sits next to me once again. His hair is messy and all of the strands are saluting to me by standing up straight as a soldier.

Then, I ask Papa about his morning and if he slept well. Instead he doesn’t answer back and there’s an awkward silence. Go to the store and get me the newspaper, Papa mumbles. Go to the store and get me the newspaper, Papa adds a little louder. As I walk out the door I remember that I forgot some money. I walk back inside and grab three dollars. As I walk out the door for the second time Papa tells me to come home fast because he wants to read the sports column. I was a ping-pong ball flying from one side of the table to the other side. As I walk down the street I pass by many old houses and I see many old people. As I reach the store’s entrance, I promise myself to go inside, pick up the newspaper and to run back to my house, as quickly as I can!

By: Purple Pansy



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