Electronic Review #5

Hi everyone,

Today in the mail, I have received an accessory for my laptop. I bought a 13 inch, pink, silicone keyboard cover made by a company called EFOX. So here is my review for this product:

Pros: – This product fits perfectly on the keys! At first before I bought this product online, I was a little doubtful because of the reviews. Well, I think that this product is worth for its money (0,22 cents)!!! Considering, that this product was 22 cents I really think that this product is came out of the package exactly the way it was described!

-I love the colour of this keyboard cover. In the reviews that I read, some people were saying that the colour was either lighter or darker than the picture online. I think that they look very similar!

– I love how easily I can take the cover off and when I put it back on it just pops onto the keys!

Cons: –  It took a little while for me getting used to the feel of the cover. At first it feels a little strange, but after a while you just get used to it.

– When I press the illuminate button on my keyboard, you can’t really see the light from under the cover.

I really recommend this product because it collects all the dirt, stains and especially the dust from your keyboard!  It really made a difference…

By: Purple Pansy


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