Electronic Review #3

Today I have purchased a new laptop, the MacBook Air! Although I have only explored it for a couple of hours, it’s wonderful! So here is my review about it:

Pros: – I love that it’s super small (0.68 inch thin + 13 inch screen) but that it’s faster than a regular laptop and has the same abilities, only much better.

– It has very cool features compared to the other Apple products.

– It’s great if you travel a lot. I wanted a laptop that was easy to carry from home to school or to travel with.

Cons: -Since it’s so thin, there is not CD/DVD slot but there is another way to view your DVD’s/CD’s ! You can just get an application (like ICloud) or connect your laptop to another laptop.

Tips: – Buy a One to One membership ! (Short explanation: This membership allows you to book an appointment with any Apple Store for a year, then you can choose what you want to learn about your new laptop. For example: If you’re doing a school project and want to learn how to make the presentation look better, you and an Apple Genius will sit together one to one (this explains its name) and the Genius will teach you everything that you want to learn. This is very good for people who are new to Macs !

– Don’t forget your warranty ! I bought a three year warranty and this covers pretty much everything except for liquid spillage and some other stuff. For example: If your laptop doesn’t turn on or has a technical difficulty, they can replace your laptop for you free of charge ! It’s a very useful thing to have !

I hope that you enjoyed my review !

By: Purple Pansy



7 thoughts on “Electronic Review #3

  1. Wow ! Sounds pretty cool. I am thinking about getting one but I am still deciding which size to buy, the 11 inch or 13 inch ? Which one do you recommend ? Also do cases exist for this type of laptop!
    Please answer me ASAP !!!!!!!!

    • Hi Meaghan,

      I recommend buying the 13 inch laptop if you like having a bigger screen and this one has more gb (gigabit); this laptop is also heavier. If you want a lighter laptop and a smaller screen get the 11 inch laptop. Cases do exist for both laptop sizes. I forgot to mention that I have a pink case for my 13 inch laptop !

      Purple Pansy

  2. Hi Purple!
    Thanks for replying to me very quickly ! I think I am going to get the 11 in. one because it’s lighter and less expensive!

  3. Didn’t you just LOVE the packaging and the way they set it all up inside the box. I think that’s the most interesting part about Apple. They make you feel GOOD. All other laptops are simply stuffed inside a cardboard box with foam everywhere, and the instruction manual has WARNING notices crowding the front few pages.

    • Hi Blue Iris!
      I do really like Apple’s packaging! It definitely looks better than a cardboard box with foam peanuts! And what I really love about Apple is that after you’ve purchased one of their products, they give you the option to open the box in the store and then an employee helps you set up your new electronic! It’s way better than just paying, taking the box home and spending hours and hours on figuring out how to set up your electronic!
      Purple Pansy

  4. I was together with Purple Pansy when she had her MacBook. I witnessed that how happy she was when she got her new machine during the registration in the Apple Store. 🙂 MacBook Air is a great laptop, and it is easy to use even for me (I am not an Apple user).

    Enjoy your Mac Book Pansy ! :))

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