Hello everyone,

Today I am introducing a new post series. It’s a post series where I will give a quick tip that I think is helpful for other people !

Here it is:

Have you ever spilled a liquid on your laptop or computer ? Well, a week ago my little brother spilled a liquid on my laptop and boy was I angry with him ! So, I took it to the store where I purchased my computer and they said all of the important parts of the laptop were damaged ; in other words my laptop was ‘dead’. BUT I wasn’t going to give up on my laptop and I asked my school technician on some tips. He recommended that I let the laptop dry with the lid open for about a week. After a week past, today was the day that I decided to try and turn on my laptop. After a few anxious moments, the screen turned on and I was filled with joy !

Anyways, here are my tips for a laptop or computer that has had liquid spilled on it…

1. DO NOT try to turn it on. This action is actually what wrecks everything. Electricity and liquids do NOT go together. For example, I could take any laptop or computer and throw it in a pool, then take it out, then let it dry and after a week or so it would still work !

2. DO NOT hold a hairdryer on the laptop or computer ! This action can actually melt your keys and spread the liquid to any unwanted spaces.

3. DO let your laptop or computer dry for about a week or so. In the end, you’ll probably end up with a damaged screen (which is better than no computer or laptop) like I did or in some extreme cases sadly your laptop won’t work.

I hope these tips will come in handy !

By: Purple Pansy


2 thoughts on “TIP !

  1. Great news for you Pansy, I am so glad you fixed your laptop and didn’t lose any files inside.

    I like reading your tips, they may help another reader in the same situation.

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