Origami/Craft tutorial : The transforming ninja star !!!

Hello !

I am going to teach you how to make a transforming ninja star ! This origami star starts out as a frisbee or circle then with a little help from you, it transforms into a ninja star ! It’s very fun to make but is also a bit tricky ! The first time I made it, it took a long time  so be prepared for lots and lots of tries ! My camera did not take good pictures while making the shapes, so all photos belong to Origami Way (http://www.origamiway.com/origami-transforming-ninja-star.shtml) !

For this origami/craft, you will need:

– 4  coloured Post-It notes (I used pink)

– 4 other coloured Post-It notes (I used blue)

Step 1: With one of the eight squares, fold it in half starting from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner, which will create a diagonal line and unfold. Fold it again starting from the upper right corner to the bottom left corner, which will create a X shape and unfold.

Step 3Step 3-2

Step 2: Fold the top half all the way to the bottom half, then unfold.

Step 4Step 4-2

Step 3: Next, poke your index finger into the center, so that two triangles pop out.

Step 5

Step 4: Fold the upper left corner to the center of all of the folds. Make sure that this is the sticky side going down, so that everything stays in place.

Step 6

Step 5: Fold the top bottom left corner again to the center of all the folds. Like in the previous step, make sure that this is the sticky side going down, so that everything stays in place.

Step 7

Step 6: This part is very hard to explain via text, so I will try my best to explain it =). Fold the upper half to the lower half while inverting the right crease to the center. Then squish your parallelogram.

Step 8Step 8-2Step 8-3

Step 7: Repeat these steps with the rest of your Post-It notes. The total of these parallelograms should be eight !

Step 9

Step 8: Put on the pointy part of the parallelogram between the double flaps of another parallelogram. Just like in the picture, the black blade is placed between the flaps of the grey blade.

Step 10

Step 9: Fold in the flaps of the left (grey) parallelogram lock into the right (black) parallelogram into place. Then pull down the right parallelogram so it locks at the end.

Step 11Step 11-2Step 11-3

Step 10: Add another parallelogram to the flaps of the right one and also lock that into place.

Step 12

Step 11: Keep adding and locking parallelograms untill all 8 parallelograms are used.

Step 13

Step 12: Lock the last parallelogram to the first one and there is your circle/frisbee. When locking the last parallelogram, make sure to only lock the sides of the first parallelogram and not accidentally lock the second parallelogram too. When transforming your circle/frisbee, with both hands on opposite sides push slowly until they meet. Do this with all of the sides !

Step 14-2
Step 14


Step 16

Hope you enjoyed this origami/craft !

By: Purple Pansy !!! For more information on how to make this transforming ninja star, type transforming ninja star into a search engine !


4 thoughts on “Origami/Craft tutorial : The transforming ninja star !!!

  1. :-O Thank you for posting these wonderful craft ideas!
    I will definitely have to start working on this one – the result
    looks *fantastic*!
    I know there are other people out there who could use such
    splendid yet easy craft ideas – you mind if I advertise your site
    on cre84me?

    As I said, thanks for taking the time to post these!

  2. Wow ! The jacobs ladder is very cool ! Thanks for recommending my crafts on your site, it’s very appreciated !
    -Purple Pansy

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