New weekly posts: Electronic Review

Hello everyone,

I am started a new weekly post collection on electronics. This idea was inspired by Blue Iris, so thanks Blue Iris ! Each week I will post a new review of an electronic or accessories that I have purchased. I will give the pros and the cons of the item and give an overall review of it. Enjoy !!!

Not long ago, I have purchased an electronic labeling system, called Brother P-Touch (PT-70). It is a cordless electronic labeling machine, very easy to use and it does an amazing job!  Thanks to the very easy to follow instructions, I was able to make dozens and dozens of labels for many different items. If you want to take the label off, wash the item under some warm water (ex: bottles, plastic/glass containers) or just peel it off with your nails. Don’t worry, it won’t come off unless you try to take the label off !

Pros: – It was very easy to use thanks to the step by step instructions (that came with pictures to show you how to assemble   everything properly).

– I really liked that it came with a built-in cutter, rather than a blade (like the ones at the end of  tape dispenser) which usually give an uneven edge and a bad cut.

– The machine is equipped with a peeler which allows easy removal of the backing from the labels.

– There are many symbols and accents that you can choose from which allowed me to personalize some labels.

– It came with a sample of the label tape cassette that allowed you to experiment. (Warning : The tape cassette is very small and won’t last long !!!)

– This item allowed me to organize myself WAY better because I have now started to label bins, boxes, notebooks, water bottles etc…

Cons: – I didn’t really like that it only came with one font to choose from.

– There are only two size settings (large and small), I would like this product better if there was a size medium too.

– There are only two unit settings (inch and mm), I would like this product better if there was cm too.

TIP: You can preview your label before printing it because I accidentally printed the wrong name before discovering this option since I skipped it in the instructions. OOPS ! Remember that you can learn more about this item by trial, error and lots of practice!

By: Purple Pansy


6 thoughts on “New weekly posts: Electronic Review

  1. Hmmm, one thing – where did you get the product? I’ve been thinking of getting one, although I’m not sure if I will really need it that much. Nice review, though!

    • I got this product at Staples for around 30-35$, but you can find them at any stationary store. =) It’s really useful for when school starts because you can label all of your supplies or you can even use it to label your stuff for camps ! Thanks for the comment !

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