Around the World

This poem is dedicated to being my LAST poem of 2011 !!!! (Although the time of when I published this shows it as January 1 2012, the time is wrong : therefore this poem is my last poem of 2011) HAPPY (early) NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!

I really love to travel,

I just let my thoughts unravel.

I’ll travel by train, airplane or even by boat,

Only as long as I don’t have a sore throat.

When I travel I feel that I can be just plain me,

I relax knowing that I am worry free.

I only need my passport and suitcases,

So that I can explore lots of places.

I already went to the cold arctic,

Recalling the cool winter music.

I’ve travelled to the dry desert,

But it was only a bunch of dirt.

It seems like I’ve been around the whole world,

Inside my head all my memories swirled.

I look at my many photos and souvenirs,

Remembering my trips from many past years.

By: Purple Pansy


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