Time Management

Note: This is a project that I did about time management. I hope that you learn some tips and tricks to be more efficient with your time and enjoy !

What is time management ?

-Time management is when you control the amount of time spent on activities, homework etc …

-Time management is something everyone can do, it just takes a little bit of organization and effort.

1) Find out why and how you’re wasting your time:
Many people who are not using their time efficiently are probably wasting it. It is very important to find out how you’re wasting time and why. Are you constantly reading your emails, watching the television or playing video games ? Most people usually waste their time because they are bored or distracted. Finding out how you’re wasting time, will help you because after you know your problem you can minimize the time you spend on it and focus on activities that are more important.
2)Create a couple of goals related to time management:
Creating time management goals will help you use your time more efficiently. For example : For a week, try to not to go on any of your social networking services(if it is your time-wasting problem) such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter … Not going on your accounts will not only give you more time to complete other tasks, it will also change your behaviour on being lazy or being organized.
3) Use special tools or items to help you manage your time:

Using tools to help you manage your time will help you a lot ! Whether you use an agenda,a calender, a notebook or a program on the computer, there are many helpful tools to manage your time. Using a tool will help you know how much time you’re going to spend.  For example : If you take 5 minutes a day, to just plan a schedule of your homework or other activities for the day, this will let you know how much time your going to spend on your math homework, studying for a test or practicing piano. Then you can plan how much time you’re going to spend on your own time (this could be reading a book, watching a movie or doing anything for your leisure).
4) Prioritize :

Try to start each day with a time management ‘‘session’’ and prioritize tasks for the week. For example : If you have four math assignments due for the week, prioritize the one that is on the closest date from today. If your first math assignment is due on Tuesday do that one first and leave the one due for Friday for later.
5) Don’t waste your time:
If you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, don’t just stare at the wall and twiddle your thumbs ! Bring something to do with you. Whether it’s reading a chapter of your  book, doing a rough copy of a story or even planning for your sister’s surprise birthday party. You should bring something to do when waiting. Not only do you get tasks completed, you also get rid of your boredom.
Hopefully these tips and tricks, will help your life  to be  time managed but also organized !
By:Purple Pansy

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