The very strange day !

All Nicolas could remember from his childhood dreams was the countless number of pine trees on mountains. He imagined the giant fields covered with a light blanket of snow. In two days, it was his birthday and he was very excited because his mother had promised to take him mountain climbing !

In the morning, Nicolas woke up really enthusiastic. Today was the day that he got to climb a mountain for the very first time ! It was his birthday gift that his mother had given him. Nicolas rushed to put his clothes on, remembered to take his mountain gear and hurried down the stairs. He quickly finished his breakfast and fifteen minutes later, his mom and him were in the car. She put the keys in and in one instant they were on the highway.

During the car ride, Nicolas was getting very bored since he had no one to talk to. There was only his mother, himself and the cows outside. He was looking at the fields which were covered with snow, but he noticed that there were spots of black (which were the cows). It was strange, though Nicolas. He didn’t understand why farmers would take their cows out while it was winter. Maybe it was because they needed some fresh air ? It was freezing outside but when he looked from the car window, the cows were still there.

Finally they arrived at the mountain ! His mom payed for their tickets et they were ready to climb the giant mountain. Three hours later, they were halfway up the mountain. Nicolas was getting a little bit tired, so they decided to take a short brake. After relaxing for a while, they were back on their climbing journey. Suddenly, Nicolas lost his balance and he started falling ! His mother was so in shock that she fainted !

Moments later, Nicolas stopped falling. He now found himself in the middle of a forest with lots and lots of trees. He then realized that he was lost on an enormous mountain. After a couple of minutes, Nicolas gave up calling for mom and started to cry. Since no one came to him, he started to climb down the mountain. After a very long hour, he arrived to a small log cabin which was the place where his mom bought the tickets. He explained his problem to the man inside and the man told him to stay calm and not to leave the cabin. The man called the police and they took Nicolas to an orphanage. Nicolas cried for hours and hours ! He wanted to be with his mom and family, but instead he was in an orphanage. Not a single one of the staff could calm him down.

Suddenly, Nicolas woke up for another time ! He realized that it was just a very weird nightmare. He looked at his alarm clock and it was eight o’clock in the morning ! His mom and him were going to be late for their climbing trip ! So he rushed to put his clothes on, grabbed his mountain gear  and ate his breakfast fast. In a  moment, he was in the car, his mother put the keys in and they were off on they journey (for the second time ).

By : Purple Pansy


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