The peaceful haven

Note to reader: This is a descriptive paragraph, enjoy !

For hours and hours, I tried to find my sanctuary. Finally, I decided to stop and take a short break. So I laid down, closed my eyes and relaxed. After a couple of minutes, I stood up and a giant mountain appeared ! In the sky, I saw the peak of the mountain, which was covered with a light blanket of snow. Underneath this humongous mountain, I observed many green pine trees. Immediately, I wanted to climb those trees, like the monkeys I saw on the television. In front of the trees, I saw a broad lake which had a dark blue colour. In the lake, I discovered the underwater people. They were practicing their little dance in front of me, then they suddenly disappeared. I positioned myself in front of the lake and I saw my reflexion in the sparkling water. I felt so calm and relaxed. All that I heard was the chirping of the birds, it was like I heard classical music instead. Then I remarked that something was slowly climbing my arm. Maybe it was a mosquito or an infected bug ? I quickly looked at my arm, it was just a ladybug ; a feeling of relief ran through my body. After a few minutes of watching this beautiful scenery, I had to return to my cabin in the woods. Very quickly, I announced my goodbyes and hoped to remember of this wonderful place.

By: Purple Pansy


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