An Underwater Aquarium

One day, Penny was travelling with her parents to her summer-house. Penny was ten years old, she loved adventures and she hated long car rides. Penny was looking out of the window and she saw a herd of sheep. She wondered how it would be if she was a famous sheep rider. She’d ride on the meanest, the biggest and the strongest sheep. ”No, no, no that is not a fun job to have.” , thought Penny. Then she changed the sheep to seahorses ! ”Yes that was a very exiting job!!!”, thought Penny. Penny loved the sea, she was always swimming in the water and she knew a lot of information about the sea. After a while, she got bored of imagining what it was like to be a seahorse rider. ”Mom, are we there yet ?”, asked Penny. ”No not yet, we’ll be there in twenty-five minutes.”, replied her mother. ”Oh, alright”,said Penny. She opened up her journal and started to doodle. She started to draw lots and lots of tiny fish. These were goldfish, so she took her orange pencil crayon and colored the fish orange and she did shading with a yellow pencil crayon. Finally, after drawing fifty-seven goldfish, Penny and her parents had arrived to their summer-house ! She looked out from her window and saw the huge, blue summer-house standing right in front of her. She dropped her journal onto the seat next to her and ran outside of the car. ”Yippy, Hourray ! We are here !”, she screamed. She ran onto the porch, tried to open the door  and realized that she needed the key ! So her mother came with the house’s key and opened the giant,blue and fancy door. Penny stepped inside and started coughing, there was so much dust, spiders and their webs ! Her mother quickly gave Penny her puffer and watched Penny take three big breaths. ”Are you all right ?”, asked her mother. ”Yes, I’m fine, don’t worry.”, replied Penny. She had a very serious case of asthma and could not play a lot of sports, be around dusty things and she could miss some days of school because of regular doctor check-ups. She only liked missing a couple of days of school and she was jealous of her friends who could play any sport they wanted to. Anyways, she went outside and got her bathing suit, her snorkeling kit and her parents permission to got out  into the sea. She promised to be back for lunch and said she would not go to far.

The minute Penny got into the sea, she saw a giant submarine come up from the water and stand right in front of her. At first, Penny was frightened and could not move, but suddenly a huge door opened and sucked Penny inside the huge sea explorer. When inside the submarine, she  saw to mermaid-like creatures. Only, they were much prettier than mermaids. Then one of them came closer to Penny and said :”Are you Penny ? Our future ruler ??” ”What ? How do you know my name ? What do you mean ‘your future ruler’ ?” ”Good, she is the one. Take her to the waiting room and inform Krystal.” Penny was very confused and very scared. She wanted to go back to her parents and escape from the monsters that captured her.

When the submarine arrived to the waiting room. The creatures tied Penny with very strong-looking rope and put her on a chair. Penny looked around the room and saw pearls, diamonds, rubies, crystals and any other precious stone all over the walls and ceiling. The floor was glass and she could she all of the little fish swimming under her. Looking at the fish made her less afraid of this ‘Krystal’ person. Penny felt like she was in an aquarium, but not an ordinary aquarium, it was an underwater aquarium ! Suddenly, the giant doors of the room opened. A beautiful lady walked into the room. She was not a mermaid but she really looked liked one, execpt for the tail. She sat down on a thrown and waited for the rest of her guards to come into the room. When they all came in and sat down on mini chairs next to the beautiful lady, she said :”Penny ! You have finally returned to your home ! You came back ! I knew this one happen ! Oh, look how you’ve grown so much. I remember you when you were so small.” ”What do you mean I’ve come back to my home ? I live on #13 Seaside Street in the United States of Ockly ! I have always lived there. How do you even know my name ?”,screamed Penny. ”You are my  daughter Penny” ”No I am not ! Just leave me alone and let me live a normal life !” ”I’m sorry Penny, but I can’t do that. You belong here in the ocean with me and my kingdom. Don’t worry, you’ll have a lot of fun here. There are many sea creatures. Especially seahorses.” ” How do you know I like seahorses ?”,asked Penny. ”Because you are my daughter”, replied the lady. ”What’s your name ? What’s my real name ?”,asked Penny. ”My name is Krystal and your name is Pearl.”,answered the lady. ”Why did you name me Penny, instead of calling me Pearl?” ”There are a lot of dangers out in the sea and on land. Someone could have taken you and I would have never seen you again. Penny is just your name on land. Everyone here, except for my guards and myself, will usually call you Pearl.”,said the lady. ”Then why do I have other parents ?”,asked Penny. ”There was a big war against my kingdom and Zara’s kingdom. Zara is my sister and she wanted to take control of my kindom. The water was too dangerous, so I found a couple sailing and I placed you on their boat. Then I wrapped you in a blanket with the name Penny on it. My kingdom is the most powerfull one in the sea. I control everything.”, replied Krystal. ”Can I still visit my other parent’s ?”,asked Pearl. ”Only sometimes. When you are in the sea the time stops and everyone that knows you freezes.”,replied her mother. ”Oh,alright”,said Pearl. ”I only have one rule, you are not allowed to go outisde my kingdom walls.”,said her mother. ”Don’t worry, I won’t go outside the kingdom walls.”,said Pearl. Day by day, Pearl explored everywhere of the kingdom. She made many new friends and all of the sea creatures knew her. She sometimes visited her other parents and she travelled from sea to land and from land to sea. Krystal even got Pearl her own seahorse. Pearl rides her seahorse everywhere and he named it Penny. =)

Seven years later, Pearl is now the ruler of the underwater aqaurium. Krystal and Zara have put aside their differences and are now communicating more. Everyone one is happy.

The end

By : Purple Pansy


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