The Mouse and his Cheese

One day, a mouse found a chunk of swiss cheese under a store’s garbage bin. He was so happy that whenever someone walked past him, he would show them his cheese. After a while, the mouse got tired of showing strangers his cheese and decided to show his family. He was going to his home and he realized that he had to cross a stream. So he saw a log floating on the stream and he threw the piece of cheese onto the log. Then he quickly jumped into the water and he realized that he could not swim ! He started to scream for help, but no one came. Finally, a frog was passing by the stream and  heard lots and lots of noise. So, he decided to see what was happening. The mouse was relieved that someone had found him and he started shouting at the frog. Instead of saving the mouse, the frog advised the mouse to think before jumping into a stream. The mouse answered : ” Instead of giving me a lecture, save me before I drown !” Then the frog jumped into the water and swam towards the drowning mouse. He put the mouse on his back and took him back to the land. The mouse started coughing and then he was feeling fine. Instead of thanking the frog for saving his life, the mouse said : ” You foolish frog, you didn’t save my cheese ! ” Then he jumped back into the water and tried to save his cheese. After a couple of seconds, the mouse started to drown, again. He screamed at the frog, but the frog did not help him. The frog thought to himself : ”That foolish mouse will never learn his lesson. So, there is no point in helping him again, because he will jump into the stream every single time I help him…”

The end

By : Purple Pansy


2 thoughts on “The Mouse and his Cheese

    • Hi Blue Iris,

      While I was on vacation at my grandfather’s house, he gave me a bunch of old Turkish stories. The stories were written anonymously and the stories inspired me to write this story. Some parts may resemble to other stories, but this story was completely made up.

      Thanks for your question !
      Purple Pansy

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