The candy shop

 Today, three little boys and two little girls came into our shop. ‘‘Ding-Ding’’, went the bell on top of the big door, every single time a child entered the store. All of the children started running up and down the aisles. The room filled with ‘‘Ooohs and Ahhhs’’.  Their faces lit up with joy and were covered by smiles. Every child began tugging their mothers’ skirts asking for whichever candy they wanted. All except for one. The little girl had long, curly, brown hair and was quite short. The moment I looked at her, I knew she was special. She had big, brown eyes that were amazed by all of the candy, but she did not run, whine, or tug on her mother’s skirt for candy. We all tried to get her attention, but she would not budge. Her mother started talking with our shop’s owner and their short conversation turned out to be their adventure from their big, crowded town, to our small, little country-side. All that little girl did
was stare with her big, brown eyes at me. I guess she didn’t like Holly Lolly’s vibrant colour and circular shape or maybe she didn’t like Trish Licorice’s black colour and bold taste. Perhaps she did not like Malcolm Bubblegum’s stretchy feel or the sound the pop makes. All I knew was that this little girl loved tolook at me. Maybe she liked my cute and cuddly features, or my soft texture?

                The next day, the little girl came again. She still did not budge, she only stared at me. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted. ‘‘Margaret, it’s time to go!’’, called her mother. ‘‘Coming Mommy.’’, replied Margaret. Hmmm… Margaret, I liked that name. For some reason, I had heard that name before . I hoped that Margaret would come the next day and buy me. Nobody ever wanted to buy me. The only time someone looked at me, it was to say how old I looked! Well, if I do say so myself, I do not look that old! Maybe eleven or twelve, but not older than twelve! Well, the shop is about to close and I am very tired. Today was a very long day…

                I kept looking out of the window. Margaret still didn’t show up. Maybe she will come a little later during the day. Five little boys had come and they were followed by three little girls. All of them bought either one or two bags filled with different assortments of candy. The bags included bubblegum, candy canes, lollypops, jelly beans, gummy  worms and a lot of gummy bears. But none of them included me. Margaret still didn’t come. Maybe she forgot about our little candy shop or maybe she didn’t want to see me? I was about to dose off to sleep until I heard the bells on top of the doors. It was Margaret! She had finally come to see me. I hoped that she would buy me because I was sick of sitting on the shop’s front shelf and of no one buying me. This time Margaret did move! She moved closer and closer to me!! She carefully picked me up and gave me a big, warm hug. She walked to her mother with me in her arms and asked her mother if she could buy me! My whole body filled with joy and happiness! Finally, my day had come, I would
no longer be stuck on that boring shelf, and I would finally get to see the
real world. ‘‘You want that old teddy bear ?’’, asked her mother. ‘‘Yes, I am sure’’, replied Margaret. Margaret and her mother walked  up to the cashier and her mother was surprised that I only cost two dollars. She handed the money and then Margaret cradled
me in her arms, all the way to my new home.

The End

By: Purple Pansy


6 thoughts on “The candy shop

  1. Hi Purple Pansy !
    I really like this story ! Where did you get the idea for the plot from ??
    After reading, I really felt the urge to eat a lot of candy. =)


    • Hi Meaghan,

      Thank you for your nice comment !
      I wrote the story for a story competition for Turkish and Canadian citizens. There is a little Turkish book shop in Toronto, Canada and they are hosting the competition. The winner gets 300$ !
      I also wanted to eat lots and lots of candy after writing the story.

      Purple Pansy

    • Hi Sam,

      No, I still did not get the results back. But as soon as I get them, I will post them here.

      Purple Pansy

      • Are you still awaiting the results, or have you received them. I’d be very interested to read some of the first place stories! Hope you did well! 😉

      • Today was the awards ceremony. I tied for the third place. I will be posting some paragraphs from the first, second and third place winners stories, very shortly.
        Purple Pansy

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