Wizards (Joke)

Here is a funny joke :

Hello, my name is Jack. I am reading a book about wizards. It is called Henry Spotter. My only problem is that I didn’t know what a wizard really is !

The next day, here is what happened :

”What are wizards ?”, asked Jack. ”You don’t know what wizards are ?”, asked Michael. ”No, I don’t”, replied Jack. ” Well, here is the answer :

1) Wizards are really cool magical people. 2) They have magical powers and can do anything ! 3) Wizards are extraordinary people !”, replied Michael.

”So, am I a wizard ?”, asked James. ”I don’t know, do you qualify for any of these 3 categories?”, said Michael. ”Hmm, do I ?”, asked James. ”No, you’re not really cool, you do not have magical powers, you can’t do everything and you are not extraordinary ! You are definitely not a wizard. ”, exclaimed Michael. ”You also wouldn’t read made-up stories about wizards.”, said Michael.

By : Purple Pansy



4 thoughts on “Wizards (Joke)

  1. Hi Purple !

    That’s a funny joke ! I also found out that I am not a wizard. =(
    Did you come up with the joke or did you find it?


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