Quick and easy eco-craft ! (Collage)

Do your walls need more colour ? Well, if they do, this is the right craft for you !

Materials :

– some recycled magazines or pictures from the Internet

– scissors

– glue

– an old paintbrush

– a cardboard box

1) Find a couple of recycled magazines or some pictures from the Internet and cut out the picture that you like.

2) Take your cardboard box and cut a rectangle out of it. (This will be your base. If you don’t have a cardboard box, use a canvas !)

3) Take your images and paste them on your base with glue.

4) Make sure the glue is dry and apply another coat of glue. (This will provide a glossy look and will prevent the images from coming

off the base.)

Now you have a new piece of art to hang on your wall !

Here is how my collage looked like.

By : Purple Pansy


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