Quick and easy eco-friendly craft

Is your room plain ? Does it need more color ? Well then, this is the right craft for you !

You will need :

– a coffee filter

– tape

– a pair of scissors

– a couple of markers ( preferably colors that compliment each other)

– paper towel

– a pencil

– a spray bottle

– water for the spray bottle

1) Take the coffee filter and flatten it out.

2) With your markers, draw a cool design ( for example : stripes, dots or both ! )

3) Fill your spray bottle with water.

4) Put paper towel under the coffee filter, then spray the coffee filter from a small distance, about 3 inches apart.

5) Watch as the colors mix together.

6) Leave the coffee filter to dry on the paper towel.

7) Put a pencil in the middle of the filter, without poking in through the coffee filter.

8) Wrap the filter around the pencil, in the shape of a closed umbrella.

9) Then take out the pencil, cut little tabs and then put tape on the back of the flower.

10) Now you have a pretty flower, to decorate your room.


Here is how my flower looked like.

By : Purple Pansy


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