The Holiday Party

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Samantha. Samantha was 11 years old, and loved to throw many parties. Everybody was always invited to her parties. She worked very hard in school, so she was the best in her class. Since she worked so hard, her mom rewarded her by allowing her to throw a party.

The next day, Samantha had a very hard test at school. When she got home her mom said she was very proud of her and told her no matter what mark she got, she could have a holiday party. Samantha got very exited and thanked and hugged her mom many, many times. They started to plan what they would eat, what games everyone would play and what kind of holiday party would the party be like. Samantha and her friends would eat pasta with tomato sauce with some goat cheese and spinach in the sauce. This was Samantha’s favourite type of food. For dessert, they would eat carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Everyone would play games that were related to the holidays. The only problem was the decision of the theme of the party. Of course, it was holiday related, but what holiday would be honoured in Samantha’s party? This subject started to worry Samantha and her mom. The two thought for hours, but they couldn’t find any idea that would be best for the party.

During the week, Samantha and her class discussed all of the different holidays in the world. Holidays from different countries to different religions. No matter what religion or country, her class learned that all of the holidays were important. They learned to cherish all of them equally. This gave Samantha the idea for the theme of her party. It would be the different holiday party. There would not only be one holiday that would be cherished, but all of the holidays would be cherished. When Samantha came home, she told her mom about the theme and her mom absolutely loved Samantha’s great idea.

And the rest of this story is for you to imagine. Imagine all of the food they ate, the games they played and the music that Samantha and her friends listened to.

By Purple Pansy



6 thoughts on “The Holiday Party

  1. Dear Purple Pansy,
    I absolutely love your blog !!! Please write more poems ! I think you are AWESOME !!! Keep on writing,
    Your biggest fan ❤

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