This is a poem expressing my thoughts  for SNOW !!

SNOW is shiny and white in the daylight,

But it glows in the dark night.

It can be low or high,

Bright or dull, but never tie-dye !

Playing in SNOW is lots of fun,

Especially playing with everyone !

Some people say SNOW is too cold,

Some think the colour is extremly bold.

I think SNOW is really good,

But it gives me a chilly mood.

I usually have to dress up warmly,

With lots of clothes, that are heavy !

Although I don’t like that part,

I can’t wait for the SNOW to start.

By: Purple Pansy



7 thoughts on “SNOW

  1. Purple Pansy,
    I’m subscribed and I just received your poem, ‘The Snowflakes’ by email. It’s a great poem, and if you post at least 2-3 poems per week, that would be PERFECT!
    I really enjoy your poems, and so far I believe my favourite one is ‘The Snowflakes’.
    Good job!

  2. Merhaba Purple Pansy,

    Yazmis oldugun siiri cok begendim. Yazicida basip saklayacagim. 🙂 Yeni yilini bir kere daha kutluyor, 2011 senesi icinde senden daha guzel siirler bekliyorum.

    Seni cok seven baban,


    ps: Hello Everyone, Purple Pansy is my daughter, who is fluent in 3 languages, English, French and Turkish. I am proud of her !!

    • Dear Dad,

      Since you said you are expecting better poems in 2011. I’m guessing you did not like my poem ?

      Purple Pansy

      • Hello Purple Pansy,

        Of course I liked your poem very much. I already printed it too.!! Your great grandfather was a poet, if you continue writing poems maybe you will be a famous poet like him, who knows? 🙂



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