The terrible tsunami

It was a hot, sunny day. Jack and his family were out on the beach. His sister, Ella, was making sand castles and his parents were patrolling the beach. Everything was going great. Suddenly, his dad blew the danger whistle! There was a giant wave hovering over them! Jack grabbed Ella and ran. He ran as fast as he could, up the mountain and out of their village. As he ran, he could hear people die; their screams and the bodies that were bobbing in the lakes the tsunami had created. Then Jack let Ella off his back; his back was feeling very sore. He sat down on a rock, wondering what had just happened. Everything had happened so fast, he could barely remember it. These were probably his last thoughts; Jack and Ella were hit by the terrible tsunami. It was the end of their lives. Thankfully, Jack knew what to do when hit by a tsunami. He quickly grabbed onto a nearby branch. He was now safe. But where were his sister, his parents and the village people? The tsunami was over. Although it lasted for a very short time, everything was ruined. The houses were crushed, flooded and ruined. The trees were pulled out of the ground. He started crying, thinking that everyone was dead.

While he was crying, someone started to tap his back. Jack didn’t even notice it. Then a voice talked. Jack turned around and was very frightened to look at the thing. It was an angel. The angel came from heaven to Jack. It told Jack, that nobody had died. Their souls were just sucked out of them the minute the tsunami hit. Jack asked where they had gone. The angel said that they were in heaven. Jack also wanted to go to heaven but he wasn’t allowed. Unless, he died or an angel had sucked out his soul. Jack wanted the angel to suck out his soul. The angel told him that she was not allowed. She told him that he must work very hard to go to heaven. She asked him to be an angel. After two days, Jack started to grow his angel wings. The wings that would reunite him with his family. Everyday, he began to grow stronger. Soon, he could lift up the mountains. That was when the angel told him he was ready. Ready enough to go to heaven. Jack and the angel flew up to heaven. It was beautiful, there were big golden gates and everything was in the clouds. The angel told Jack that they had a problem. She didn’t have the key to open the gates. She told Jack to open the gates with his arms. Jack told her he wasn’t strong enough. The angel told him that if he could lift mountains, he could open the gates. Jack stretched the golden bars. The angel and Jack entered and Jack closed the bars. Suddenly, Jack noticed his sister. She was even more beautiful then the last time he saw her. He ran up to her and gave her a big hug. Now Jack was reunited with his family and the village people.

The End

By: Purple Pansy


12 thoughts on “The terrible tsunami

  1. Hello everyone,
    Sorry for the long wait, but since school has started I have been very busy. Hope you enjoy the short story. I will probably post a short story every two weeks. But if I don’t please do not panic. Also please make sure to vote on my polls. There are some for stories. The ones for stories are how I chose what the title and what the story is going to be about.
    Thank you,
    Purple Pansy

  2. Hello Purple Pansy,

    I just love your story. Could you write a story about Edward, Belle and Renesmee ?
    If you can’t that’s fine, but it would be awesome !!

  3. I wanted to ask, you wrote the story, right?
    And, there is a little spelling mistake I found…
    “It was an angle.” should actually be
    “It was an angel.”
    But it’s still great.
    Please write a comment to answer.
    And the poll… is that to give you an idea of what to write your story
    about, or is it written already, and you’re just asking which to put on first?

    • Dear Hello,
      I am the author of all of my stories. I come up with the idea, I write the story and then I post it. Thanks for correcting my mistake. Sometimes I’m so concentrated on it, that I don’t even notice them !
      Purple Pansy

    • Dear Blue Iris,
      I’m glad you liked it ! I got my inspiration from the flood that had occured in Pakistan. The reason that I chose this, is because I wanted all of those people that need help in the world, to know that there is always a hope. Even when sometimes you feel HOPE GAVE UP ON YOU, IT’S ALWAYS THERE, HOPE IS IMMORTAL. When you give up on hope, hope gives up on you. =)
      Purple Pansy

      • Could you post all the other stories, too?
        I’m looking forward to reading ‘Stuck in Space’, and ‘An Underwater Aquarium’!

  4. Dear Blue Iris,

    I’m glad that you’re looking forward to reading my stories. I’m typing up ‘An Underwater Aquarium’ and when I’m finished polishing it, I will post. But I will not always post some of my other ideas because of the votes. I will usually pick the second highest voted story and type that one.

    Purple Pansy

  5. Purple Pansy,
    Eğer kimya ile ilgili okumak ister misiniz?
    Benim için oluşturmak, sitemde ziyaret ediniz … 🙂
    Epeyce Yeni mesaj yayınlanmıştır.

  6. Merhaba Mavi Iris !
    Türkçe çevirisi doğru değil, ama yine de sen ne diyorsun anlayabilirim.
    Size Türk biraz öğreniyoruz ki harika. Bazen biraz telaffuz etmek zordur. =)

    Mor Pansy

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