Which story would you like to read ?


8 thoughts on “Which story would you like to read ?

  1. Hello,
    Just to let you guys know, I will be typing the story with the most votes in the middle of August. If it is a tie, then it will be a draw.

    Thank you for voting,
    Purple Pansy

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Today the results are finally counted !
    The Terrible Tsunami WINS !!!!

    Thank you for voting and leaving a comment,
    Purple Pansy

  3. Please note that I will post my short story on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2010.
    It’s sadly, only 2 short paragraphs.

    Purple Pansy

  4. Purple Pansy,
    I would very much like to see more stories. Please post either Stuck in Space or an Underwater Aquarium. When I try to vote, it says my vote was already counted…

  5. Hey,
    Last year you posted The Terrible Tsunami! I’m waiting for the other two “two-paragraph” stories!
    If one comes this year and another next year, well…. I think that’s a looong wait.
    I’d like to read all four paragraphs at once, not wait a year for another two paragraphs! 😉
    Just saying you should post more! I’m a big fan – CAN’T WAIT


  6. Hi Blue Iris,

    I’m glad that you like my stories. I know that I have not been posting a lot this year, because I have had to concentrate really hard on accademics. Also, I was having problems with my internet connections and I could not access this blog for a while. I have already written all of the stories, I just need to type them and post them on my blog. I will be posting the stories very shortly.

    Sorry for the long wait.
    Purple Pansy

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